Altered tray and turned to Jewelry Hanger

Mar 17th

Turn a wood tray into jewelry hanger that you can hang your favorite necklaces or bracelets on each of the hook.  I painted this with white acrylic paint all over the tray and allow time to dry or you can use the heat gun to make it dry fast.

I used collage technique for this project as I bought lots ofephemera for my own collection and scared to use them.  I thought that it might be a good idea to display these rather than kept them in the drawer.  I fuzzy cut some of the images by scissor and by hands as I don’t want these to look neat as you all know that art is an imperfect as it came from the heart.  I tear some of my old dictionary and magazine paper then used the distress ink to make it looked a bit vintage.  I glued them with Liquidtex- varnish and allow time to dry.  After that I used glimmer mist of chocolate color on the corner and the edge of the tray and used my hands to wipe it.  Lastly, I punched out 5 hooks, 3 of them on top so I can hang my bracelets and 2 on the next level.  I finished this by spraying the lacquered as the top coat to protect this from dirt.  Please give me some credit if you take my picture or try my tutorial.

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